Genelia to restart her film career

Genelia to restart her film career

The Tollywood's chirpy, cheerful, and lively actress, Genelia, claims that she is still the same despite being a mother of two boys. She said that she admires the unpredictability of life. "The moment you think you know, it tells you that you actually don't. It ultimately levels you as a person," Genelia quoted.

Genelia is also planning to enter films and she said most precisely Bollywood films. "I am elated to realize that I have experienced many different phases of life like - From an extremely passionate actor where films meant the world to me to the idle housewife and now as a busy mother. Once again, I'm planning to restart my film career and currently seeing some scripts too," told Genelia.

Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh, who got married in 2012, have two sons, Riaan and Rahyl. "Becoming a mother was the best thing that happened to me and being with my kids and Riteish is what makes my day 'perfect'," she said. Talking about getting older, Genelia said "It feels nice to go back to work and discover something new about yourself. Age is just a number for me. Ageing is also a privilege".

Genelia always made movies where she oozes freshness and with high spirits. We believe the actress is also no different in real life. Hope she now makes a comeback in Tollywood too as we miss the attractive and childish charisma in her.

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