Save Nallamala: Jr NTR Trending In The Memes

Save Nallamala: Jr NTR Trending In The Memes

Usually, meme-makers pick various subjects to troll and then they make their images from cinema-snippets most of the time. This time, we're seeing lots of Jr NTR images all over the internet when it comes to the memes made on #SaveNallamala hashtag.

Attaching the songs and visuals of Jr NTR from "Janata Garage" movie where the protagonist, an environmental science graduate and activist, talks about protecting nature from human destruction, are now being shared on the social media pages of Telugu folks.

Especially the dialogue where NTR says to a villain, "We are just tenants on this earth. We've come here on a temporary purpose and we own nothing of Nature. Just leave this as is", is in trending, as meme-makers marked Jr NTR as people of AP and TS, and the villain as Central Government.

We have to see how the central government actually reacts on this strong repercussion regarding their plan to go ahead with Uranium mining in Nallamala forests.

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