That Girl In Green Bikini Is Not Tamanna

That Girl In Green Bikini Is Not Tamanna

After looking at the poster of Vishal's latest film "Action" that has milky siren Tamanna Bhatia in the lead, many wondered if the actress has slipped into a bikini inside the movie. And the teaser that arrived in the evening almost shattered the hearts of her fans.

As the teaser contained a shot where a lady in a neon green bikini is walking by the pool, fans of Tamanna got their hearts slipped into pockets. After viewing the teaser repeatedly, many have confirmed that indeed Tamanna has slipped into bikinis as her career neared a fag end.

However, that girl in a green bikini is not Tamanna. Actually the film features popular model Akanksha Puri who has shot to fame after debuting with Madhur Bandarkar's Calendar Girls. She's the one who is walking by the pool and the makers might have given an illusion with the fast cut that indeed it is Tamanna.

On the other hand, teaser of Action is impressive with Vishal and director Sundar C coming up with an intense action feast.

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