Producers Asking Pawan's Appointment For Sandeep Vanga?

Producers Asking Pawan's Appointment For Sandeep Vanga?

Rumours don't get any interesting and exciting until they get Pawan Kalyan's name all over them. You gotta agree with us after reading this particular rumour which is just a shock of sorts for everyone.

An interesting rumour is now doing rounds that director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who is focused on delivering his second project in Bollywood, is actually looking forward to narrating a script to Pawan Kalyan. Popular production house Mythri Movie Makers, which has already given advance to PK, is said to be trying to get an appointment of Pawan for the same.

Sources close to Sandeep Reddy have maintained huge silence over this rumour, but people related to Mythri Movie Makers have condemned it, saying that they have no such plans. Though they are hopeful that Pawan will do a film for them one day, but not readily with Sandeep they say. Because Pawan won't suit for the kind of stories this Arjun Reddy director comes up with.

But who knows, anything might happen in this industry when there is a right script in hand.

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