'Tough To Survive Without Praising Chiru?', IAS Asks Priyadarshe

'Tough To Survive Without Praising Chiru?', IAS Asks Priyadarshe

Other day comedian Priyadarshe who has met Megastar Chiranjeevi at his residence has shared a picture about it, as he ecstatically states, "I'm always your disciple Chiranjeevi garu". And this comment invited criticism from a Telugu IAS officer who was rated as one of the 10 most inspiring IAS officers in India.

As Priyadarshi wrote that he is the Ekalavya Sishyudu of Chiranjeevi, an IAS officer named Parikipandla Narahari who hails from Karimnagar of Telangana, responded from his official Twitter handle, asking if surviving in Tollywood is possible only through praising Chiranjeevi.

His tweet read, "Brother Priyadarshi! After watching Chiranjeevi garu's Rudraveena, I've decided to become an IAS officer. You too became an actor and proved it with Mallesham movie. Congratulations on that. But, is it tough to survive in Cinema Field without praising Chiranjeevi?".

Well, how the comment is sounding is something we could leave it to the IAS officer itself, but frankly speaking, there is nothing like surviving in Telugu industry if you don't praise Chiru or anyone. All the people with real talent and a bit of smartness, surely succeed here. Maybe Narahari has criticised the flattery Priyadarshi undertook.

Currently, this IAS officer works as Commissioner of Urban Administration Department, Madhya Pradesh and won many awards for his excellence in his capacity.

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