After Pawan, Deverakonda Stands With Nallamala

After Pawan, Deverakonda Stands With Nallamala

One of Tollywood's outspoken heroes, Vijay Deverakonda, has just raised his voice against the controversial Nallamala forest uranium mining. Vijay took to his Twitter this afternoon and said that 20,000 acres of Nallamala Forest are at risk of being destroyed.

Vijay said that we have already destroyed our lakes, flooded our states, caused drought and polluted most of our drinking water sources, which led to the deteriorating of the quality of air and that multiple cities are running out of water for basic daily needs.

"If all you want is non renewable source like Uranium - buy it. We can buy uranium, but can we buy forests? If we can't afford it, develop renewable solar energy, make solar panels on every rooftop compulsory. WTF will we do with uranium and electricity when we don't have breathable air and drinkable water?," Vijay said in his trademark cheeky and to the point attitude.

After Pawan tweets on #SaveNallamala, More and more Tollywood celebrities are joining the fight against Uranium mining in Nallamala, which may de-shelter several thousands of people and also cause dangerous health hazards like lung cancer and kidney diseases.

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