Geetha Govindam Director Goes Back To Akhil?

Geetha Govindam Director Goes Back To Akhil?

One blockbuster is enough to give you almost ten odd chances in the film industry, is an age old belief in Tollywood. But it looks like such things are not happening anymore as here come directors who have given a big blockbuster but still they struggle to find their next.

Not just someone like RX100 Ajay Bhupathi, but Rangasthalam's Sukumar and Geetha Govindam's Parasuram are also struggling to get their foot right after scoring a big hit. While Sukku settled with Allu Arjun post Mahesh's snub, it looks like Parasuram is going for Akhil after the same Superstar rejected his story.

Despite doing many improvements to scripts, Parasuram is said to have failed to convince Mahesh and he's now going to another hero. Though the Geetha Govindam director was supposed to direct Akhil earlier, he thought of doing a film with big stars after his film went on to become a blockbuster. Things are not working out, however, and he has settled with Akhil again.

Buzz has that Akhil will wrap Bommarillu Bhaskar's film and immediately joins Parasuram's movie before working with Prashant Varma of Awe fame.

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