#BiggBoss3: Mahesh Upset With Baba Bhaskar's Ungratefulness

#BiggBoss3: Mahesh Upset With Baba Bhaskar's Ungratefulness

Other day when the likes of Sreemukhi, Ravi, Shilpa, Mahesh, Punarnavi and Himaja were in nominations, Bigg Boss asked Baba Bhaskar to save one and he chose Ravi, and that is not going well inside the house for sure.

One of the prime contenders Sreemukhi openly said to Baba Bhaskar that she's not upset for Baba not pulling her out, but got upset when Baba poked her, asking, "if she got hurt with his act".

At the same time, though Mahesh Vitta is quite close to Baba Bhaskar, he has opened up with Shilpa Chakravarthy, as to how the choreographer backstabbed them both. "Though we have worked hard to make him win captaincy task, he has finally removed Ravi out of the nomination. It's you (Shilpa) who helped him win, and I'm close to him as well as he won only I left the task in the middle" said Mahesh, referring to the sand task and how Baba didn't remember that.

It's not that easy for Baba Bhaskar to act like a good boy anymore.

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