Who Is Vijayashanti's Favourite In Young Heroines?

Who Is Vijayashanti's Favourite In Young Heroines?

Returning back to the silver screen after taking a gap of thirteen years, veteran heroine Vijayashanti became a talk of the town in no time. She was a superstar back then who has commanded pay on par with the likes of Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna, but eventually, she confined herself to solo films. When quizzed about the present generation heroines, the senior actress has an interesting take.

"None of the present-day heroines has impressed me" reveals Vijayashanti outrightly, as she says that lots of girls are working here but not have that focus. "We used to work 24x7 to do almost 17-18 films in a year. But these days actresses are luxuriously picking 2-3 films in a year and cooling their heels. I don't see these women doing anything impressive" she articulated.

Well, working hard is something different from time to time. Back then, the technology is different and the kind of stories filmmakers picked are different. Stars like NTR and Krishna used to wrap films in just 20 days schedule. But in the modern era, the story and backdrop are so huge that they take easily 100-120 days to wrap a simple film.

On that note, actresses can't work round the clock to deliver a dozen films in a year and also they won't get that many opportunities too. Maybe, Vijayashanti should think ahead of her times.

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