#BiggBoss3: Letters From Home Are Missing The Depth

#BiggBoss3: Letters From Home Are Missing The Depth

Emulating the success of Bigg Boss 2, it looks like the organisers are actually following some of the themes from that season to make sure that they will get similar attention and evoke the same reaction in season 3 as well.

Last night's 'Letters From Home' idea is borrowed by Bigg Boss 2 only and this act hasn't got the same response that many saw earlier. With almost 50 days in the house, the contestants will be surely missing their loved ones and families. So Bigg Boss made the families send some letters to their loved ones inside the house.

Both Siva Jyothi and Vithika have broken to tears while reading the letters, and others felt it normal. Neither the letters had any depth, nor the contestants reacted in a lovely way to them. When Ali said he will be faithful to his wife and Mahesh made fun of his sister not getting a job when he is outside, somewhere it sounded like these people are thick-skinned. Same is the case with Rahul and Sreemukhi too.

But the true emotional feeling could be felt on Varun Sandesh's face as he got a letter only from his in-laws but not from his parents. He never said that, but that could be felt on his face.

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