#BiggBoss3: 'Ladies, Don't Wear Tight Shorts'

#BiggBoss3: 'Ladies, Don't Wear Tight Shorts'

Trying to bring down heavy laughs into the house, Captain Baba Bhaskar is trying his best, but only proving himself unworthy as a contestant. Whether he said certain things jokingly or not, they are not impressing TV audiences.

Other day on Episode 48, Baba Bhaskar allotted various works to inmates like they do all the time and asked Sreemukhi to be his personal assistant. But he made her work as a true servant by asking her to clean chairs and re-arrange certain things in the lawn area. While this is being done jokingly, his acts didn't go well with the audiences as they evoked a negative reaction.

Later when giving his own set of rules, he tried to be funny by asking inmates to sleep at any time they want but asked them to wake up when dogs (Bigg Boss' warning) bark. Also, he asked them to speak in English if they have guts, breaking eveyrone into laughs.

But Baba Bhaskar also asked the ladies of the house to not wear short-pants and tight-shorts during his tenure. This is quite absurd and regressive, and if people noticed his words carefully, surely he's going to be out from the house soon if he faces elimination at any time.

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