Babu-Mass Raja, Forget Style And Focus On Content

Babu-Mass Raja, Forget Style And Focus On Content

The first looks of both Balayya's latest movie being directed by KS Ravikumar and Raviteja's film Disco Raja are out already. And they both have one thing in common if we have to say.

Both these senior heroes, who are failing to impress Telugu audiences in recent times with their plethora of mass movies, have surprisingly come up with a similar kind of look in their respective films. Both have the same Iron Man fame Roberty Downey style beard if you could notice.

Looking at the Tony Stark avatar of these two heroes, one couldn't stop but saying why to focus on so much style rather than thinking about substance. But looking at just these posters we couldn't comment on the content of those films, however, their recent flop films make us to not stay silent.

The two heroes are in need of a hit badly as they haven't scored any big hit in the last couple of years. Especially Raviteja needs one to survive among the young competition that took over Tollywood in the recent times. Let's see what they are gonna do with these stylish looks and films.

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