Disco Raja FL: The Devil Is In The Details

Disco Raja FL: The Devil Is In The Details

He is the eagerly awaited first look poster from the team of Ravi Teja's forthcoming sci-fi entertainer 'Disco Raja'. The poster has full-on retro vibes. The strong, gaudy colours, Ravi Teja's flamboyant pose, the cigar and the pistol in his hands add to the mystery factor in the poster.

Disco Raja's first look poster doesn't reveal much about Ravi Teja's character in the movie, but it surely raises the curiosity levels with some mysterious hints. The 'Is' in 'Ravi Teja Is Disco Raja' has been struck off and made 'Ravi Teja Was Disco Raja'.

Also, the caption that comes under the title logo, "Rewind, FF, Play (this one's struck off too) and Kill" show that the devil is in the details and there's more to what meets the eye.

On the whole, Disco Raja's first look poster promises a mysterious sci-fi entertainer with a possible 'Time Machine' angle. We will have to wait until December 20 to find out what director VI Anand has in store for us. Tanya Hope, Payal Rajput and Nabha Natesh are the heroines. Ram Talluri is producing the movie.

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