An Example Of Wastage Made In Saaho

An Example Of Wastage Made In Saaho

When the trailer of the film 'Saaho' has come out, many wondered to see some shots that have projected Prabhas as the absolute macho man of Indian cinema. Especially the shot where he is puffing out a cigar with a military tank in the backdrop which is actually crushing a couple of cars, has gone viral.

Many thought that the shot has a purpose inside the movie but they got shocked to see what it was used for inside the film. In one of the shots of the song Bad Boy, actually Prabhas and Co are seen dancing by standing on that tank and towards the end of the song, the tank actually crushes the two cars, just for visual's sake.

Sadly this is how wastage happens in big-budgeted movies. There is no point in renting out a tank, making it crush two cars, and using that visual without any purpose just for a song. Also that visual is not bringing any freshness to the screen or giving the audience a thrilling feel.

This is just a sample and the movie has tonnes of such things, which are actually a wastage of money.

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