Bollywood Critics Fired Missiles On Saaho

Bollywood Critics Fired Missiles On Saaho

Undertaking a promotional blitzkrieg that any Telugu star has ever done, Prabhas has done extensive promotions of Saaho in Bollywood. He toured many corners of the country to talk about the movie, and many expected that Bollywood will unfurl a red carpet for him.

Bollywood critics who have actually interviewed Prabhas at every possible opportunity have however fired their critical missiles on the movie.

Popular critic Taran Adarsh tweeted this

 #OneWordReview... #Saaho: UNBEARABLE. Rating: half star. A colossal waste of talent, big money and opportunity... Weak story, confusing screenplay and amateur direction.

Then we have Anupama Chopra said that the film is pieces of shiny elements strung together. "Saaho is more like 50 shades of Prabhas as he does many things, but no story at all. They have spent 350 crores, but the audiences don't feel a bang about the bucks they spend. Hope Prabhas dedicates two years time to a film only if the content close to Baahubali somewhere"

Another critic Sucharita Tyagi made fun of the film on her 'Not A Review' blog. "PUBG inspired scenes, Madmax Fury Road inspired costumes, some songs and no story- I wonder how Sujeeth convinced Prabhas with this. With the 350 crores they invested, they would have bought 100 flats in Bandra, Mumbai".

Even other critics also fired the salvo more close to these type of reviews.

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