700 Cr #Saaho #SyeRaa: Game Starts In A Day!

700 Cr #Saaho #SyeRaa: Game Starts In A Day!

Prabhas Saaho got sold out for 350 crores when it comes to theatrical rights and Sye Raa is in the process of repeating a similar feat as the film will be sold for nearly 250 crores including all versions. And these films should do 700 crores worth ticket sales literally at the theatres, to make sure that the distributors get their 600 crores back.

Working hard for months, just only to promote the film, already Prabhas' toured dozens of cities and gave endless interviews to bring all the attention for Saaho movie. The fruits of that intense promotion, clubbed by the 250 crores worth production that got hefty visual effects, mindblowing star cast and larger than life visuals, are going to be know from the day after tomorrow as the film hits theatres.

If Saaho does everything right, then we will have enough time for Sye Raa to repeat a similar promotion mechanism and make it big for October 2nd. And if all goes well, then the magnum opus that narrates the tale of Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy, portrayed by megastar Chiranjeevi, will open the dam gates.

These two films together should get 700 crores 'nett' from ticket counters from box office across India majorly with a bit of support from Overseas. As the betting is very big, every trade analyst in India is eagerly looking forward to it as these two happen to be Telugu films that are trying to take on all the tinsel towns.

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