Babu Bigg Boss!! Kotha Tasks Ivvandi Baboi!

Babu Bigg Boss!! Kotha Tasks Ivvandi Baboi!

Telugu Bigg Boss is losing its sheen over time especially in the third season. With all the contestants playing very cautiously keeping the second season in view where everyone gave way to Kaushal unknowingly, #BiggBoss3 is not as impressive as it could be.

If that is one side, then the creative people who are designing tasks for Bigg Boss are not sparkling as they did in previous seasons. Especially they are giving similar kinds of tasks always, including that getting into a quarrel with a fellow contestant or stealing some things only to hide them.

Looking at these routine, run of the mill like tasks, audiences are now writhing in pain as they say, 'Kotha tasks create cheyyandi baaboi'. We wonder if Bigg Boss organisers are taking the feedback from any audience or not, but one thing is for sure, they are banking on the factor that fights between contestants will automatically result in TRP surges.

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