Truck Drivers Of Transformers and GOT Technicians @ Saaho

Truck Drivers Of Transformers and GOT Technicians @ Saaho

The long-awaited Saaho is leaving fans curious and the crew and cast in a stressful state. This big-budget film is said to be having the supreme quality of filmmaking and the high-octane scenes have already created a vast buzz among viewers.

With a release day on Friday, actor Prabhas is busy with promotions across the country. The director Sujeeth has shot Saaho in Telugu and Hindi simultaneously and dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam languages.

Considering Saaho as a super action flick, the producer has spent nearly Rs 75 crore for one important action scene. The world's best technicians, Kenny Bates and Peng Zhang, have worked for the film. Both Kenny and Peng worked for Hollwyood movies like Transformers and each action stunt was practiced for more than two hours.

In fact, the best truck drivers of Transformers and technicians from Game of Thrones have been collaborated with Saaho team to bring out the best.

On this, Prabhas said that Shraddha and he went through a lot of intense training to get perfection. He also said that there is no CGI involved and even truck sliding scene that we see in the trailer is real, with 40/50 KMPH speed. The wild experiments and the shot orientation in Saaho are surely going to stun the audience and the scenes are said to be like never before with literal effect.

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