Prabhas' Reaction On Fan's Sweet 'slap'

Prabhas' Reaction On Fan's Sweet 'slap'

A couple of months back an overexcited fan who managed to get a picture clicked with Prabhas at an airport has later slapped in awe before running away. Though that's a naughty thing for which even Prabhas laughed, many wondered what the hero would have felt in real.

Talking about the sweet 'slap' incident, Prabhas stated that he was first surprised by the move of that fan but later understood that she's all excited upon seeing him. He says, "I take such incidents as their love towards me. Without even meeting me ever, millions of fans shower such love on me. I should be grateful for that. There is nothing like having a bad feeling about them".

In another instance, when an interviewer asked if Prabhas feels bad as media folks always ask him about his marriage and affair with Anushka, the hero said, 'media has all the right to ask about personal life'. This is because he feels that his fans want to know about that and media is only helping his fans know more about him.

Other than calling him a 'Darling of fans' what more should we say about Prabhas? He's a new generation superstar who has no tantrums and extra baggage, and simple, down to earth like a Rajnikanth. Just wait for Saaho, you will love him more!

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