#BiggBoss3: Bigg Boss' Mind Going Pichhi Peaks

#BiggBoss3: Bigg Boss' Mind Going Pichhi Peaks

With no big fights and emotional moments inside the house, Bigg Boss himself has jumped into the scene to make sure that he breaks friends and creates some tough situations. And to do that, he has chosen Punarnavi as the scapegoat today as she is an easily irritatable contestant in the house.

Calling Punarnavi to Confession Room, Bigg Boss showed her videos where Rahul Sipligunj and Vithika are backbiting about her. Especially Vithika's double side nature is exposed to Punarnavi through these videos. While Punarnavi started exploding over that slander of Vithika and Rahul, they are thinking that she is given a secret task to fight with them. Poor chaps!!

And then, Sreemukhi got the next invitation where the reactionary talks of Varun, Rahul and Vithika, Punarnavi after that glass-breaking task are shown to her. While she got surprised by Varun's behaviour, Punarnavi's cheap talk and Ravi's silence during those talks (old videos) have hurt her.

Similarly, Ali Reza is shown Baba Bhaskar's crying clip and he got moved by that. He took the choreographer aside to clarify issues as he genuinely felt that he made a big mistake.

On one side, this act looked like Bigg Boss' mind going for a toss with his 'picchi peaks' ideas, and other side these acts gave new energy to house.

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