Raj Tarun Episode: Raja Ravindra's 'Dealing' Failed Again

Raj Tarun Episode: Raja Ravindra's 'Dealing' Failed Again

There are always rumours that Raja Ravindra's bad handling of producers and other issues have resulted in young hero Raj Tarun's career going for a meltdown. And now, the episode of Raj Tarun's hit-wall and run-away also took a wrong turn due to his bad dealing, say sources.

While the videos released by Alkapuri resident Karthik confirm that Raj Tarun has run away from the incident and denied about it initially, other audio tapes confirm that a 'dealing' has taken place to buy the clips from the guy who recorded them. Though Karthik is now articulating that he brought Raj Tarun and his manager to make a deal because he wanted to record them and expose. But the situation doesn't seem so.

As Raja Ravindra tried to bargain the deal for a lesser amount, Karthik walked out of it and threatened them. And when Raja Ravindra's people try to threaten back Karthik, he simply released the videos. Had this manager offered the initial 5 lakh demanded by Karthik, today we would not have even seen these videotapes, a source commented.

Industry is buzzing that once again Raja Ravindra made a bad dealing for Raj Tarun and they are advising the young hero to look into the issue properly.

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