Raj Tarun Was Drunk: Witness Releases Video

Raj Tarun Was Drunk: Witness Releases Video

Hero Raj Tarun's car accident in Narsingi took a complete turn as a person by name Karthik who claims to be the witness revealed more details. Karthik claimed that he saw the accident and Raj Tarun was driving the car at 100 to 120 kms speed. "As soon as the car hit the wall, Raj Tarun came out of it and ran. I chased him on my bike for some distance and he initially denied that he was not drunk. I was also recording the whole thing," said Karthik.

The witness went on to add that he dropped Raj Tarun at his residence and after that the hero said his manager would contact Karthik. "After few hours, Raj Tarun's manager Raja Ravindra called me and asked me to forward the video. I sent him and then negotiations started. Initially Raja Ravindra offered me Rs 5 Lakh and then the issue got settled for Rs 3 Lakh," said Karthik. However, Karthik said he got to know the real side of Raj Tarun and Raja Ravindra when a lady claiming to be media person and called me and questioned whether I was blackmailing them.

When asked why he did not inform media after the incident, Karthik replied that he wanted to catch Raj Tarun and Raja Ravindra red-handed and so he held negotiations. "I wanted to record the video as well when they were offering money and so that the real nature of Raj Tarun will get exposed. Now that things went out of hands, I approached the police," said Karthik. He also submitted the video the police as proof.

All in all, Raj Tarun is likely to land in big trouble!

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