Full Story: Tarun, Raj Tarun And A Car Crash

Full Story: Tarun, Raj Tarun And A Car Crash

The incident:

A luxury Volvo car that bears the registration number TS09EX1100 rammed into a wall near in Alkapuri Township circle area near Narsingi. Immediately after the incident, it looks like airbags got opened and none inside the car got hurt. But the driver and his fellow passenger rushed from the spot, leaving the car, and ran away in another car. All this was recorded on the CCTV nearby.

The initial reporting on Telugu media:

While the car belongs to producer, it was reported that faded hero Tarun is behind the wheel. Also, some witnesses have revealed that the hero and his companion have walked away from the spot at around midnight immediately. Later with Tarun speaking on phone to almost every media house and blasting them for their inaccurate reporting, the news got cooled down.

Raj Tarun is the real driver:

It's not Tarun, but actually, hero Raj Tarun is the one who is behind the wheel. Prima facie from the accident spot, it looks like Raj Tarun tried to steer through Alkapuri Circle at a jet speed, resulting in the car hitting a parapet wall of private property and getting tossed into air before landing inside the compound.

The speculations though:

According to reports, the crash occurred at around 10 pm on Monday night, and Raj Tarun left the scene immediately. After finding out how that crash happened, police are likely to file a case. Had the actor been under the influence of alcohol, it is tough to find it as already hours have passed. But if the case is something else, then surely it is going to pose risky for him.

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