Car Accident: Not Tarun, It's Raj Tarun

Car Accident: Not Tarun, It's Raj Tarun

Since today morning, the news of a car accident near Narsingi circle has become a hot topic with almost all news channels flashing the news. It became viral when the locals said they had seen hero Tarun. Actor Tarun had to come out and deny the news. He said he is very much at his house last night and he doesn't own a Volvo.

Now it's revealed that it is not Tarun, but the hero who was reportedly traveling in the volvo car (TS 09 EX1100) was Raj Tarun. Apparently, Raj Tarun was on his way to his home during the incident. Raj Tarun stays in his villa near Narsingi.

As soon as the car hit the divider, Raj Tarun and his another friend got off from the car and ran away from the spot.

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