Director Careless On Budget?

Director Careless On Budget?

Just before the release of 'Ranarangam' movie, when journalists asked director Sudheer Varma about the budget of the film, he feigned ignorance, saying that his producers spent little expensively for the movie as they don't want to compromise.

This is one of those insensible comments in the present days where young filmmakers are coming up with good films on tight budgets. Sudheer Varma made the producers of Ranarangam spend huge in the name of style and quality, is what anyone could say after watching the movie. But just style and suave looks won't save a film unless it is backed by strong content.

If there is no content, then at least the director should keep hero's market and producer's pocket in the mind, before making for huge demands like shooting in Spain and bringing Kajal Agarwal for a song, which might have cost a bomb.

As the producers, Sithara Entertainment, being the ones in the industry from a long time with ample financial backbone, they might cover these losses in some other movies. But if that is how a new producer is made to invest, then he might have packed the bags already as the project is a cost-failure.

The likes of Meher Ramesh, Boyapati Sreenu, Gopichand Malineni are ambassadors of this cost-failure syndrome, and Sudheer Varma has to be careful that he won't join that brigade.

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