#BiggBoss3: Nag Changed A Lot After Manmadhudu 2

#BiggBoss3: Nag Changed A Lot After Manmadhudu 2

After the release of Manmadhudu 2, senior hero Nagarjuna has fallen into a confused state whether he should take off Soggade Chinni Nayana sequel shoot or not. In the meantime, he is rocking with Bigg Boss hosting and there is said to be a reason behind that.

From pinpointing every contestant about their wrongdoings to praising them for whatever good they have done, Nagarjuna is currently emerging as the best host ever for Telugu Bigg Boss when it comes to hosting it. Earlier, the hosts used to depend on the inputs by Star MAA team and also used to talk based on the script given by a team of writers. But Nagarjuna is said to be not doing it.

As he now got huge time to catch up Bigg Boss, every day he is said to be watching the show in the nights and making his own notes, in order to speak during the Saturday and Sunday episodes. And if he has any doubts, he's asking the team that watches the footage from 60 cameras inside Bigg Boss house before editing the 1-hour episode.

We have to see what sort of impact Nagarjuna will make on the audiences by the end of the day.

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