Buzz: Pawan Kalyan Fans Recovered Finally

Buzz: Pawan Kalyan Fans Recovered Finally

Even the biggest of his big flops haven't worried these die-hard fans and admirers, but the debacle of Janasena party in 2019 general election where Pawan Kalyan himself lost at two places, has left them devastated. But three months after the whole fiasco, it looks the fans are slowly recovering.

Though Pawan always paraded a brave face post the defeat, his fans, however, felt it tough to recover. But then, Pawan's absence in media circles as he got crushed by few channels and he's no more content for others due to lack of availability, has made fans anxious. It looks like things are however shaping up nicely as the setting sun always rises the next day.

Recently Pawan attended a book launch, then he visited Chiranjeevi's house, later he conducted some review meetings and then took up the job of giving voice over for Sye Raa. All these things have catapulted Pawan into 'talk of the town' again and everywhere his news is making ripples. That made fans happy and they are now getting ready to celebrate his birthday with more joy and enthusiasm.

At the same time, Pawan's response to various works of governments and the counters of YSRC folks are also keeping him in the limelight politically. Also, his comments of not going to merger Janasena with any party have won the hearts of the people. All these happenings are leading to the recovery of those fans whose hearts got shattered after the massive defeat on electoral debut.

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