Regina's Hotness Might Disturb Family Audiences

Regina's Hotness Might Disturb Family Audiences

Scoring brownie points yet again, talented actor, writer and director Adivi Sesh have impressed everyone with "Evaru", this time sharing a large part of the film's success with dusky siren Regina Cassandra. But she could be fatal for collections if trade analysts are to be believed.

Actually, Regina gave her best shot for Evaru where she has not only delivered a stellar performance but also indulged in a lot of skin show. Barring the cleavages and lip locks, actually, the repetition of her sexual exploitation scene might shun away family audiences from theatres. Not just once, that scene is there in the movie four times, and literally shocked even youths. Also, she appeared in sexy outfits throughout all the scenes, making her the best ever glamour treat, which will be eye candy only for certain sections of the audiences.

If the film beats all these odds and makes it good at the box office, then we might see many more glamorous thrillers coming up. Directed by Venkat Ramji, Evaru is bankrolled by PVP, and released yesterday.

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