Allu Arjun Fans Upset with Rumoured Title

Allu Arjun Fans Upset with Rumoured Title

Allu Arjun and Trivikram's most awaited film has been in news for various reasons of late. The latest we hear is that the film's title would be revealed on August 15 coinciding with the Independence Day.

Since morning there have been various reports and rumours that the film would be called as 'Vaikuntapuram Lo'. Hearing the rumoured title, several fans of Bunny said to have openly expressed their disappointment. Many fans and movie lovers expressed mixed feelings on the title as it is sounding very odd and old.

No doubt, Trivikram is Wizard of Words and he is a master when it comes to giving classic titles to his films, besides witty dialogues from his pen, but this title 'Vaikuntapuram Lo' is not going down well with Allu Arjun fans. Meanwhile, it is strongly heard that this is not the final title of the film. It could be a trial where the makers could have released feelers in order to gauge the response.

It can be noted that this is the third time Allu Arjun is collaborating with Trivikram. In the past the duo have worked for Julayi and Son of Satyamurthy. Naturally, expectations are high on their collaboration for AA 19. Let's wait and see what would be the final title.

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