Viral Video: Adorable Sitara Dances To Dad's Song

Viral Video: Adorable Sitara Dances To Dad's Song

Walking in the footsteps of her Superstar dad and Miss India mother, it looks their young daughter is already in the process of becoming another actress from the family. Looking at the way baby Sitara is dancing to the tunes of her father Mahesh Babu's song, it appears like she is a star in the making.

In the latest video, actually, Sitara is seen dancing to the tune 'Pala Pitta' from Mahesh's recent blockbuster movie Maharshi. The way she took off with the song by giving a proper opener, and then taking us for a ride with her exaggerated dance steps and adorable expressions is eyesight to behold.

Whether Sitara took any training for the dance or she just viewed the song multiple times to prepare for the steps is not known, but already it looks like she will be a perfectionist in the near future. We have to see if the doting dad would allow her to pursue a career as a heroine or not, on the other hand.

Mahesh's sister Manjula has thought of becoming a heroine back in the day, but with fans doing lots of hungama, she has dropped the idea after completing a schedule of shoot for Nandamuri Balakrishna's film. We have to see what Sitara does!!

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