Will Nani Dares To Do Film With Him?

Will Nani Dares To Do Film With Him?

Score a hit and you are here forever, no matter how many flops you give later. That's what the formula that works around directors these days in the film industry. After scoring a name for himself post the release of Chi La Sow, director Rahul Ravindran is one such sought after director.

Back then, Nani has agreed to do a film with Rahul for a happening producer in the industry. Then came an offer for the director to handle Manmadhudu 2, a remake movie, and that's where the fate got boomerang it looks like. Now, whether Nani works with Rahul or not has to be seen in the wake of Manmadhudu 2 going for a disastrous run at the box office.

Usually, heroes don't look into present flops, but these days distributors and digital markets are influencing heroes big time to not work with flop directors. But then, Rahul bagged Best Screenplay national award for Chi La Sow and that might reinstate Nani's confidence in this new director.

Let's wait for a while to find what Rahul Ravindran has to say about his upcoming film.

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