Rahul's Epic Reply on Sleazy Scenes!

Rahul's Epic Reply on Sleazy Scenes!

Director Rahul Ravindran and his singer wife Chinmayi and their best friend Samantha are the target for trolls ever since Manmadhudu 2 hit the screens. The trio are the cynosure of trolls and critics of Manmadhudu 2.

Rahul Ravindran was finally asked about the 'double-meaning' dialogues, scenes in the film like "Match", "Helmet", "Power Play" and et al on the sidelines of the media interaction held recently. And Rahul's response was epic as he said, "There was no double-meaning. It was all single-meaning."

So, shall we say that Rahul has admitted that Manmadhudu 2's whole objective was bold content and aimed at only adults and youth. If it is so, then why the makers are projecting the movie as a complete, wholesome family entertainer like Manmadhudu. Even in post-release promotions, ironically, the makers have widely advertised the whole family members of Samba Siva Rao aka Sam in the publicity posters. This is the major disconnect between the target audiences of a film and the film's promotion. Every maker should know who their target audiences are and design the promotion in sync with it. Surprisingly, a superstar like Nagarjuna too missed it.

With his 'single-meaning' remark, Rahul Ravindran seems to have put himself in the soup.

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