Manamadhudu Ki Machha Manmadhudu 2

Manamadhudu Ki Machha Manmadhudu 2

No matter how much Nagarjuna Akkineni defends to say that Manmadhudu 2 will get a cult status in the days to come, audiences are not ready to shower this hyped film with terrific collections. And then, this sequel is likely to end up as a permanent blemish on the legacy of Manmadhudu, the film that took audiences for a ride in 2002.

If we have to compare Manmadhudu and Manmadhudu 2, then there are three things that need to be touched upon. Whether that credit goes to the director, writer or any other, surely these three things have made a huge difference between these two films.

Romance: Old Manmadhudu is a terrific romantic movie with the whole of thread between Nagarjuna and Anshu turning out to be a super hit. Especially the chemistry between them is so amazing that you want them to fall in love at any cost. And the crackling love episode of Nag and Sonali Bendre is another super hit.

In the latest Manmadhudu 2, this is however missing. There is not even a single scene that convinces you that Nag and Rakul should fall in love. No chemistry at all.

Comedy: Nag's jokes with everyone and Sunil's episode are stunners, while Brahamanandam's Paris episode was a show stealer that got etched in our hearts and minds forever. All the one-liners from Manmadhudu still linger in our brains, and still, the film's very mention brings us huge laughs.
Comedy in Manmadhudu 2 is not up to this level, though they have given an adult touch to it, in order to attract youths. In the days of Jabardasth and Maruthi's adult comedies, people won't vouch for Manmadhudu 2 comedy.

Music: Devi Sri Prasad has done magic for Manmadhudu with his tunes and background score. Every single song has its own beauty, like talking about marriage, having fun with women, pure romance and crazy melodies.

But in Manmadhudu 2, Chaithan Bharadwaj hasn't repeated any such magic.

On a whole, one can say that, Manmadhudu 2 ends up as a blemish, as we could frame it in Telugu, "Manmadhudu ki macchha Manmadhudu 2"

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