Kurukshetra Telugu : 25 Minutes Trimmed

Kurukshetra Telugu : 25 Minutes Trimmed

The grand old epic Mahabharata has been made onto large screen with lavish budget as Kurukshetra with prominent cast from all South languages. While the Kannada version is decent with Darshan's stunning show as Duryodhana in his landmark 50th film, the Telugu version has been trimmed by its makers.

Around 25 minutes have been chopped to make the film crispier. Cutting down nearly half-an-hour film is certainly a new feat and unheard in recent times. While the likes of Dear Comrade were chopped, only 13 minutes were edited out from the film. But taking it to new high, Kurukshetra makers have cut down 25 minutes. The makers expect that the trimmed mythological film will now pull in audiences to cinemas.

The clash with the films like Manmadhudu 2, Kathanam, Kobbari Matta seems to have largely affected Kurukshetra's prospects in Telugu. Let's see whether the trimmed version would rescue its makers or not.

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