Saaho North America Ticket : Just 15 USD

Saaho North America Ticket : Just 15 USD

Believe it or not, Prabhas' Saaho which is going to hit the screens with mammoth expectations on August 30 is priced very economical. The film's ticket price in North America is priced at as less as 15 USD. This is reasonable compared to the other big-ticket films in the recent times.

For regular shows and premiere shows, the ticket price is same i.e 15 USD. Whereas for Large Formats like IMAX, XD, RPX and Dolby Cinema, the ticket cost could be slightly higher i.e 3 to 5 USD more than the regular shows. This is quite reasonable. And Prabhas fans would get to see the film with families as the ticket prices are reasonable.

Whereas Prabhas last film Baahubali 2 was sold for a staggering 42 USD in some theatres in the US while the average ticket price was between 30 USD to 40 USD depending on the format. Even Baahubali 1 was also sold for higher price. The film's ticket price was pegged at 25 USD for the premieres.

Compared to Baahubali 1 & 2, Saaho is priced at very reasonable and this allows fans, families to catch the film right from its premieres.

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