Nandita Replaced Tabu In Rana's Movie?

Nandita Replaced Tabu In Rana's Movie?

Apparently, Rana Daggubati's USA tour is said to have resulted in the delay of "Virata Parvam" shooting and that is said to be leading to some dates clash issues for few actors. While Sai Pallavi is seen as the major lead of the movie, the Naxalite boss role that was supposed to be portrayed by Tabu is another crucial one.

Reports are coming out that Tabu has walked out of the movie as she couldn't help accommodating dates for this movie. Currently, she is working in Allu Arjun and Trivikram's film, and later she will be seen in a horde of Bollywood movies. Now that Tabu has confirmed the exit, we hear that director Venu Udugual has approached award winning actress Nandita Das to join the cast.

For her portrayal of LTTE rebel in the film 'Amrutha', Nandita won the attention of all the south audiences. Her films and portrayals of diversified roles like 1947 Earth, Fire and Kamli (Telugu film) have made her a top-notch actor. Also, her campaign aginst cosmetics where she promoted 'Being dark is good' got her much attention.

We have to see if Nandita Das will confirm her entry into this Telugu film in the role of a Naxalite.

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