40 Crs For Devarakonda Is A Joke!

40 Crs For Devarakonda Is A Joke!

Apparently, the news is doing rounds everywhere that sensational star Vijay Devarakonda has refused to star in the Hindi remake of Dear Comrade at the cost of 40 crores remuneration. Now that is something for cinema lovers to chew on. So what might have happened?

Despite all the hype created, 'Dear Comrade' ended up as a loss venture for distributors as the film might see almost 10-15 crores loss overall if the pre-release figures are anything to go by. And to promote the film on a big level, the makers have first unveiled the news that Karan Johar got the rights and later shared a pic with him. After the release, it looks like they want to add more spice to the promotions and hence the PR teams created the news of Devarakonda rejected Bollywood offer.

Okay, he might have rejected it, but the figure 40 crores is what makes the news sound like a fake one. When the likes of Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan are taking 50 crores, who would anyone pay 40 cr for this newcomer (in Hindi)? Karan Johar makes flop movies many times, that doesn't mean he is foolish.

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