Talk: Karan Johar's Secret Help For Saaho

Talk: Karan Johar's Secret Help For Saaho

There are no two thoughts to say that Karan Johar is the one who made Baahubali quite bigger in Bollywood for the kind of promotions he has done for the movie. And then, he was supposed to associate with Prabhas Saaho as well, but there are rumours that he had a tiff with the hero and hence he stayed out of it.

Rumours are coming up from Mumbai that Karan hasn't got distanced from Prabhas but secretly helping him big time, thereby helping Saaho movie as well. When it comes to chalking out promotional plans, Karan is the best and he is said to be taking care of Prabhas now. He has already computed the list of Top tier cities and spots which Prabhas should visit to promote the movie.

At the same time, Karan is said to have groomed Prabhas a bit when it comes to handling Hindi media who are quite stronger in opinions and asking manipulative and controversial questions, unlike Telugu media. Though there are no controversies around Prabhas right now, who knows, anything might pop up anytime and that is what Karan is said to be taking care off.

On the other hand, Saaho promotions will be little lower in Telugu states as the actor wants to promote more time in north Indian and other southern states rather than Hyderabad and Vizag.

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