#BiggBoss3: Will Pawan Fans Support Jr Samantha?

#BiggBoss3: Will Pawan Fans Support Jr Samantha?

As BiggBoss3 is moving forward, surely the show is catching up the pulses of audiences and already people have chosen their favourites. Currently, contestants like Varun Sandesh, Sreemukhi and Himaja are enjoying a sort of fanism. And generally, fans chose their favorite contestant based on the contestant's affiliation to a certain hero or party too.

Here comes Dubsmash fame Jr Samantha, whose actually name is Ashu Reddy. This girl from Vizag is known for standing against Sri Reddy during the infamous episode where Sri Reddy bad-mouthed Pawan Kalyan. Giving a perfect counter to those people like Sri Reddy who made bad allegations on Pawan, Ashu created a storm on social media.

Later when Mahesh Kathi made some allegations on Pawan, linking him to Poonam Kaur, Ashu tweeted a pic of her tattoo on the chest, saying, "So I have Pawan Kalyan tattoo, which means I have an affair with him? Answer! #KathiLeaks".

"I'm a very big devotee of Pawan Kalyan, not fan. I've even got suspended from school during the eighth standard after slapping a girl who made a mockery of Pawan Kalyan. Looking at the bad propaganda against him, I got the tattoo inked now" said Ashu Reddy back then.

For such a die-hard fan, will PK fans now extend the support? Let's see.

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