Saaho Game Poster: The Copying Doesn't Stop

Saaho Game Poster: The Copying Doesn't Stop

For reasons better known to them, the makers of Saaho are actually coming up only copied posters all the time. Even with the new poster of Saaho, the copying doesnt stop, which makes us wonder if they are intentionally doing this.

The poster of Saaho game is now doing rounds everywhere and fans are highly excited about it. Guess what, this poster is also copied from a Hollywood creation. This time they got the theme from the poster of 'Ready Player One' movie. Trollers already joined the duty of sharing the news everywhere.

This brings us doubt if Saaho movie is about a guy stealing the identities and creations of people. Because no movie maker usually copies so many posters for one single film. And when movie lovers are criticising heavily, who would dare to do more copying, unless it is done intentionally?

So far, Saaho's posters are copied from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege poster, Tom Cruise's Oblivion (the holding gun poster), Blade Runner 2049 (the guy with mask poster) and Breaking Bad TV series poster (the guy with spectacles).

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