'Dear Comrade' Turning Up As 'Dear Lilly'?

'Dear Comrade' Turning Up As 'Dear Lilly'?

Already we have revealed how Bollywood's big fish Karan Johar has invested hugely on 'Dear Comrade' as he shelled out nearly 6 crores to take the Hindi rights of the movie. And now, the movie will be made in the Hindi arena with a major twist to the narrative.

Like how Bollywood always adapted our remakes with some major changes, like in Simmba and other movies, here also Karan Johar is making his writers come up with a major twist. Actually, those who have watched 'Dear Comrade' are quick to comment that the film should actually be titled 'Dear Lilly' as the major part of the story deals with Rashmika's character, a lady cricketer. Looks like Karan Johar took those comments seriously.

Right now, a bunch of scriptwriters are said to be rewriting the first half of Dear Comrade where they show more of Lilly's character and make her the hero in the movie, rather remaking the Telugu version frame-by-frame. Also, Karan's team is said to have felt that sexual harassment should be handled with more depth, and they are adding those detailed layers to it.

Chopping out Vijay's role or elongating Rashmika's character might not go well with Telugu fans, but we have to see if Karan could make this average movie a blockbuster there.

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