Puri-Charmme to share profits with Ram?

Puri-Charmme to share profits with Ram?

Despite having faced several financial troubles, Puri Jagannath has managed to complete and release 'ISmart Shankar' with Energetic Star Ram. In order to take forward the film without any problems, actor Ram and other important technicians have decided to take the cut in their remuneration. Given that he is going through a rough patch, director Puri also got worried while making the mass entertainer. But, he was finally able to deliver a massive hit and the stunning box-office numbers have cleared all the tensions for Puri now.

ISmart Shankar's box-office business is giving him much needed energy and the director is very happy about it. So, Puri and Charmme Kaur have reportedly decided to reward Ram for having taken a cut in his salary with a view to helping them finish the film without any troubles. According to our sources, Puri and Charmme Kaur are likely to settle the pending remuneration for Ram and even though it is not in the agreement, they're also planning to share profits with him.

There could a smart strategy behind it. As Puri is keen about making ISmart sequel, he is looking forward to maintaining the same kind of rapport with Ram, who can now allocate his dates for the director. That could be the reason why Puri is ready to share a part of the profits with Energetic Star. Even the actor is willing to work on a sequel if the filmmaker comes up with an impressive script.

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