Won't Let A Man Slap Me Like Kabir Singh

Won't Let A Man Slap Me Like Kabir Singh

Kiara Advani is now one of the most happening young actresses in Bollywood. Thanks to Kabir Singh's smashing success, Kiara has become a hearthrob for young audiences.

In a recent interview, Kiara opened up about her relationships and marriage. Laughing off the rumours about a passionate relationship with young star Siddharth Malhotra, Kiara revealed that very much single and that she will surely marry a person whom she falls in love with.

Kiara said that she dislikes abusing and disrespecting a partner in a relationship. It was then that she was asked about the controversial 'Kabir Singh slapping Preeti' scene. Kiara said that she personally can't stand such behavior and that she won't let her man slap her at any cost.

Explaining why she acted in Kabir Singh, Kiara said that she stops thinking like Kiara once she enters a film set and surrenders herself to the director and her character and the story.

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