Jr Samantha Body Shamed by Trolls

Jr Samantha Body Shamed by Trolls

Like we revealed already, Dubsmash videos fame Ashu Reddy entered Bigg Boss third edition as a contestant.

Popular for various controversies, including a rumour that she got plastic surgery for lips to like Samantha, this hyped 'Jr Samantha' has once again become food for trolls.

All these days after looking at her in dubsmash videos, many people used to feel that she's slim and curvaceous. But when she stepped into Bigg Boss house other day, she looked chubby and a bit fat.

This led to huge trolling of the actress on social media as many started commenting vulgarly about her looks. However, there are some positive satires as well.

Some went on commenting that Ashu Reddy will anyway lose weight as she joined Bigg Boss house.

And few commented that one should not get deceived by looks of actresses and dubsmash celebs as they are different from what they look in real life.

Ashu Reddy hails from Vizag and couple of years ago she went to the USA to pursue her Masters, and settled there with a job now.

She has acted in the movie Chal Mohan Ranga too!

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