Finally, Nag Reveals Why He's Hosting Bigg Boss

Finally, Nag Reveals Why He's Hosting Bigg Boss

The keenly-awaited first episode of the hit reality game show Bigg Boss Season 3 has kicked off in a glittering style just a while ago. Hero Nagarjuna is the host for this season. He is pulling off the intro episode with his ease and elan as he is welcoming all the contestants.

However, this is only the beginning and the main challenges for Nag will arise when the tasks for the contestants begin in later episodes.

When the news about Nagarjuna hosting the show was made official by the Bigg Boss organizers, Nag was trolled heavily.

An old video clip in which Nag was seen saying that he hates Bigg Boss show was trended on social media by anti-fans who trolled Nag's hypocrisy in agreeing to host a show which he hates.

But Nag has finally revealed why he chose to host Bigg Boss. In fact, the first episode began with Nag explaining why he's hosting the show.

"I can't spend 100 days in a house and that's why I hate Bigg Boss. But I'm hosting the show now to know why you all (audiences) love it so much," Nag said.

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