Police Issues Challan, RGV Wants To Make Him 'Alludu'

Police Issues Challan, RGV Wants To Make Him 'Alludu'

Cashing anything that comes his way is the style of director Ram Gopal Varma as he posted a triple riding picture of him with directors Ajay Bhupathi and Agasthya. With many netizens reporting that to Hyderabad police, finally there is a blow to the director.

As the director asked where police are standing when he's actually triple riding and hinted that they might be in Ismart Shankar theatres, here comes the response of Cyberabad police.

"Thanks RGV for reporting Traffic Violations. We expect the same responsibility in actually following the Traffic rules your self. By the way, why only theatres?, Traffic Police see a lot of drama, circus like below on roads  every minute" tweeted Cyberabad Police to the picture shared by Varma, and also issued a Rs 1335/- challan for the violation.

Do you know what the eccentric Varma replied to this? "Cyberabad police gaaru, I loveeeee uuuuuuuuu and I want to kiss u non stop for 39 days for the fantaaaaastic work u are doing and if I had a second daughter I would have requested u to be my son in law (sic)", he tweeted.

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