OU Students Protest at Nagarjuna's House

OU Students Protest at Nagarjuna's House

It can't be any crappier than this with a Student Union leader from Osmania University claiming that 'Bigg Boss' is being run by Andhra investors and the show's content is against Telangana culture. Citing that as a reason, today a huge bunch of OU students started protesting at Akkineni Nagarjuna's house in Jubilee Hills.

"Firstly Nagarjuna hasn't responded till date about Bigg Boss controversies as two women already accused that casting couch is going on, to pick contestants for the show. Secondly, this show should be cancelled on a whole and Nagarjuna should speak to us before he dares to host it" said an OU Students JAC leader.

The media present at the scene is quick to question, 'When there are a lot of issues to fight for, what is the need to take on Bigg Boss? This is a reality show that has been for years in the North, and what is the problem with it for you?'

"Bigg Boss is being run by the money Andhra investors pooled into the channel. This program is against Telangana spirit and culture, though the North audiences might have embraced it. We demand its ban" a visibly excited student leader said.

We have to see how Bigg Boss organisers respond to this.

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