Rana In The USA From Last 2 Weeks: Rumours Surface Again

Rana In The USA From Last 2 Weeks: Rumours Surface Again

On July 10th this year, Rana Daggubati was caught flying abroad from Bangalore INternational airport. And then he has surfaced at a book store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he's seen buying some comics and other stuff. And this 10 day long USA tour has now lead to another fresh set of rumours.

While Rana himself admitted earlier that he has issues with levels of Sodium in his body, he has however linked losing of weight to something he did for a role in the film. But now, a rumour started doing rounds that a super popular nephrologist in the USA is actually examining the actor from the last week.

Reports are coming rounds that though Rana's health is stable now, the team of doctors are checking him whether kidney transplantation is needed for him or not. Currently, both his parents, Suresh Babu and Lakshmi are also in the USA and they are finding the possibilities of getting Rana treated to better results at the earliest.

Despite the fact that Rana is having this health condition, the actor has shot for many films, interviews and TV shows as well. Whether the rumours around his health are true or not, his fans are praying for his quick recovery no matter what.

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