The Power Of 'Horror-Comedy'

The Power Of 'Horror-Comedy'

At a time when the film is not getting rave reviews, which gives a bit of motivation to producers is surely the collections. However, those collections are not a benchmark to say that they have made a blockbuster movie. Here is an interesting snippet.

On Monday, a hit film like Oh Baby collected Rs 53,712 at a small town in Andhra region, while all other films including Brochevarevaru Ra, Spider-Man Telugu, Kalki, Dorasani and Rajdooth made money between Rs 16-17 thousand. Shockingly, Ninu Veedanu Needanu Nenu beats them all, as the film makes Rs 63,684 thousand. How is this even possible?

While Sandeep Kishan's Ninu Veedani Needanu Nenu garnered only negative reviews, the film is doing good at the box office because of its horror content, say trade analysts. Lack of any other movies and horror comedy being the best entertainment compared to other average-talk films, made Sandeep's film ring registers. Hope the talented hero is not reading this happening as a true box office success taking that the film is a classic in its own way.

Anantapur Town collections on Monday

#OhBaby 53,712      
#Bochevaravvaru 16,412
#SpiderMan 16,767
#Kalki 16,003
#NinuVeedaniNeedanuNene 63,684
#Dorasani 18,600
#RajDooth 17,003

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