Young Heroine Blasted For Tiger Pics

Young Heroine Blasted For Tiger Pics

Couple of days ago, young heroine Malvika Sharma has boasted a lot about Tiger Park in Pattaya of Thailand as she shared some pictures too. Hugging a tiger and posing by the side of it, the Nela Ticket starlet felt elated to share her pictures from the Thailand vacation.

While Malvika got all the praises in the first couple of days, slowly they started attracting the real persons. Animal activists have slammed the actress for posing with a tiger in that method because there is no way a tiger could be tamed that way. "This tiger is trained to be around people since the time he was born. If you are going to Thailand you should definitely visit to Tiger Park Pattaya, you can play with the tiger cubs. They are so cute and mischievous", she posted.

An animal activist shot back at her, "Actually tigers are not tamed, but they are actually drugged to keep low and pose for photos. What you have done is animal abuse and it is unethical". Another netizen asked her to not promote such unethical tourism just for the sake of a few bucks for putting up that tweet.

"This tiger is not a toy. If you want to cuddle with one, go and buy a soft toy tiger. There’s nothing cute about being so ignorant and passively cruel" another Twitter user commented.

Well, some heroines do anything for publicity, but this time it didn't work for Malvika Sharma as slowly the storm is gathering against her for animal abuse.

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